On July 20, Games Workshop will release Scouring of the Shire, a hobbit-centered supplement for its Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.  A number of out-of-production models will be re-released to support the new book.

Written by Jay Clare (The Lord of the Rings:  Quest to Mount Doom), Scouring the Shire is an 80-page hardcover rules supplement and scenario guide inspired by the chapter of the same name in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Return of the King.  The book centers on small-scale skirmishes between the Hobbits of the Shire and the “ruffians” who serve the discredited wizard Saruman.

Scouring the Shire includes a history of the Hobbits and the Shire, rules for fielding all-Hobbit armies, complete Legendary Legion army lists for the Defenders of the Shire and The Chief’s Ruffians, 16 narrative play scenarios that describe the entire campaign, and 3 additional narrative scenarios that recreate “historical” battles in the Shire.  MSRP is $35.00.

This is an updated and revised version of the Scouring of the Shire book Games Workshop published in 2004.

Alongside the new book, Games Workshop will release a number of currently unavailable models, including the Hobbits Bullroarer Took (MSRP $25.00) and Bilbo Baggins (MSRP $8.00), Gandalf the Grey with his cart (MSRP $65.00), and a gang of Ruffians (MSRP $50.00).

Click Gallery below to see pages from the book and images of the miniatures.

Earlier this year, Games Workshop released the Gondor at War book for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (see “‘Warhammer Underworlds’ and ‘Adeptus Titanicus:  The Horus Heresy’ Expand”).