Corvus Belli will release Reckless Hearts, a new expansion for its MOBA-style sports game Aristeia! (see "Review: 'Aristeia!'"). The  expansion has a fighter character, Axl Steel, and a warrior character, Hippolyta, with unique abilities and features:

Axl Steel is a fighter character that functions mechanically as a de-buffer. Axl can impose -2 Speed State on a Target, but can also be scorer because he is fast.

Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons, a warrior, and a leader. Hippolyta can act as both a buffer and a de-buffer. She can increase her team's initiative as well as impose a -2 State an opponent.

Reckless Hearts comes with 2 plastic miniatures, 2 Character cards, 2 Initiative cards, 8 Tactics cards, and the necessary markers to play. The suggested retail price for Reckless Hearts is $21.99.

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