CMON and Xplored have been working on a new project called Teburu, and they are set to give the public a glimpse of it at Gen Con 2019.

Teburu is a gaming console that integrates board game pieces with electronic technology to connect physical and digital platforms. The goal of the new system will be to keep players focused on board game play while Teburu handles game rules, non-player piece behavior, and storytelling through apps.

The new technology that Teburu offers to its users is essentially a game state detection system for board game pieces. The console comes with an electronic sensory mat that can be placed underneath a board game. Each physical board game piece is then equipped, via a magnet, with an embedded electronic sensor that relays the piece's position information through the mat. Teburu then processes the information with a Gamemaster App and runs the game accordingly through a tablet.

Players can also run a complementary Companion App on their smartphones that networks them into the Gamemaster App. The Companion App allows players to track their own characters, and lets the Gamemaster App throw in-game "surprises" at them as they play. Teburu allows board gamers to "just play" by letting the apps handle the board game housekeeping.

The first game to be featured on Teburu will be Zombicide Evolution-Las Vegas by CMON.

“We expect this will both excite existing tabletop gamers and draw a whole new audience into tabletop gaming,” commented Chern Ann Ng CEO of CMON.

Teburu will be at Gen Con, and is scheduled to be on Kickstarter in 2020.