Cybertooth, the fourth Monster Pack for IELLO’s King of Tokyo and King of New York games, which introduces the new Berserk mechanic, will release on September 5.

Cybertooth adds a new monster to the fray in Tokyo or New York:  a giant robot that can transform into an equally gigantic sabertooth tiger.  Cybertooth includes two cardboard monster figures and stands, one for each form, as well as the monster board and rules needed to play.  It also has a Cybertooth’s Transformation card and Evolution cards for both games.

In addition to the new monster, the Cybertooth Monster Pack features the new Berserk die and six Berserk tokens for use with the new game mechanic.  When playing with this rule, a monster that rolls enough “smashes” may choose to go Berserk, adding the special red die to their rolls but forfeiting the ability to heal as long as they are in a rage.

Cybertooth includes 1 monster board, 2 figures with stands, 1 Berserk die, 6 tokens, and 17 cards.  MSRP is $9.99.

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