Longtime game publisher and Game Manufacturers Association stalwart Rick Loomis passed away on August 23 of complications related to cancer.  He was 72.  He had revealed the cancer diagnosis earlier this year (see "Rick Loomis Diagnosed with Cancer").

Loomis was the owner of Flying Buffalo Games, which he founded in 1970.  The company published Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation, Tunnels and Trolls, and Grimtooth’s Traps, among others.

Loomis was a co-founder of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), served as its President for multiple terms, and was an Emeritus member of its Board of Directors.

We always found Rick enthusiastic about gaming, helpful, and devoted to making the games business more successful through whatever means he had at hand.  He is survived by two sisters.  A GoFundMe campaign raised $39,000 to help pay for expenses related to his illness over the past few days.

Columnist Scott Thorne shared his thoughts on Loomis' passing this week (see "Rolling for Initiative -- RIP Rick Loomis").