Game Salute unveiled its card and dice swashbuckling game The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You, which will be in retail stores in December. The game was originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2015 (see "'The Princess Bride: I Hate To Kill You'").

Players can assume the roles of beloved Princess Bride characters such as the Man in Black, Inigo Montoya, Count Rugen, or Prince Humperdinck in this sword dueling game. The game revolves around custom dice with sword icons on them, and cards that modify the number of swords rolled. Each player starts with six dice and ten cards, and on each turn, both players roll their dice then play a card that can change a roll. The player who rolls the most Swords, after card modifiers, delivers a hit to their opponent who must remove a sword die from their dice pool. The first player to land five hits wins.

The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You will retail for $20.00.