Games Workshop unveiled the Sisters of Battle Army Set for Warhammer 40,000 to be released into trade in November. The announcement was made at the NOVA Open tabletop wargaming convention in Washington, DC on August 29.

The Sisters of Battle, also known as Adeptas Sororitas, are a group of militant nuns that have waged crusades against several threats to humanity, including the Eldar and the Orcs. The few miniatures previewed unveiled a Seraphim flying model and a gruesome Pentitent Engine. The new set box set contains 25 Citadel unpainted plastic miniatures and a limited edition codex for Adeptas Sororitas. No word on price point was given for this set.

Games Workshop also released information on a new Kill Team Starter Set recently (see "GW Gives 'Kill Team' a New 'Starter Set' ").

Click on Gallery below to see images of the Sisters of Battle Army Set!