Wizards of the Coast unveiled its Throne of Eldraine Holiday Gift Bundle, a holiday gift package, to hit retail stores on November 15. This will be the second time in three years that Wizards of the Coast has repackaged its holiday product since doing away with the Holiday Gift Boxes during the Kaladesh cycle (see "Rolling for Initiative--'Magic: The Gift Pack' - Why the Change?").

The new Throne of Eldraine Holiday Gift Bundle comes with the following: 20 regular basic lands, 20 foil basic lands, 10 Throne of Eldraine Draft Booster packs, a foil alt-art bundle promo card, an oversized Spindown life counter, and a Collector Booster. This product will also feature 'special packaging', which has not been revealed.

The biggest sales point for the Throne of Eldraine Holiday Gift Bundle for brick-and-mortar stores is that each bundle will come with a Collector Booster. The Collector Boosters are aimed at Magic players who want higher-end cards for their decks, and these boosters come loaded with collectible special frame and foil cards (see "Wizards of the Coast Unveils 'Throne of Eldraine' Product Line"). Collector Boosters are intended to be high demand products, and their inclusion in the Bundle is designed to drive sales over the Holiday season.