Evil Hat Productions will delay the launch of its Kickstarter for Agon 2nd Edition, tying the decision to the firing of two employees involved in organizing a union, the company announced on Twitter.  "We haven’t made any decision yet about continuing use of Kickstarter of discontinuing it," Evil Hat CEO Fred Hicks said on Twitter.  "That’s what this week (originally planned as the Agon launch) is for: taking in information, getting past the outrage spike and into discovery & disclosure."

The underlying story is that two employees involved in organizing a union at Kickstarter were fired by the company last week; the company denied that the firings were related to their organizing efforts, according to Slate.  The union organizing effort was reportedly launched last March and centers around pay equity, diversity in hiring, a voice in company decisions, and the effort to hold Kickstarter to its altruistic goals as a public benefit corporation (see "Kickstarter Reorganizes").

Union supporters in the company have not asked for a boycott but are instead trying to rally support, including via a petition for Kickstarter project creators that has been signed by 180 people, including Neil Gaiman.