WizKids will release Ettin, a card-drafting board game, for trade in April 2020.

In Ettin, players form teams of two Nations and battle the other teams at the table by drafting unit cards to deploy over the course of three rounds of play. Each of the eight Nations included in the game has its own unique strategy and gameplay style which changes depending on the combination of alliances. Teams can draft up to 125 different units, and battle simultaneously around the table.

The game box contains a game board, 120 Nation cards, 101 Mercenary cards, 36 Adventure cards, Adventure dice, a Round Tracker token, Gold tokens in four denominations, 8 Nation mats, a Mercenary Nation mat, 4 Initiative tokens, War tokens, Battle tokens, and Siege tokens. Ettin is for two to eight players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 minutes. It will retail for $39.99.

WizKids also recently announced Tournament at Avalon for their board game lines (see " WizKids Announces 'Tournament at Avalon' ").

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