Konami Digital Entertainment will release Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown, with new monsters, mechanics, and artwork.

Releasing February 14, 2020, Shaddoll Showdown will introduce new, non-DARK Shaddoll monsters for a player’s main deck. In addition, the structure deck will introduce a brand-new El Shaddoll Fusion Monster that combines two Shaddoll monsters with different Attributes. Shaddoll Showdown will also feature cards with new artwork, such as the El Shaddoll Construct. The deck will include 49 cards across the Main and Extra Deck, including the 10 foil cards. It will contain 39 Commons, 7 Super Rares, 3 Ultra Rares, a Beginner’s Guid, and a double-sided deluxe game mat/Dueling Guide.

The release of Shaddoll Showdown will follow the release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: Ignition Assault booster release in January (see “‘Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Ignition Assault’”).