Funko, Inc. revealed two new releases for their Pop! Movies figure line, The Warriors and Dune Classic.  

The Warriors is a cult classic film where a gang of punks fight their way through the night on the dangerous city streets of New York trying to make it back to their Coney Island turf. Decades after release, this movie reemerged in pop culture thanks to periodic references on satire shows like American Dad and The Simpsons. Now, Funko, Inc. will release Pop! Movies figures for The Warriors: Pop! Swan, Pop! Cochise, Pop! Luther, and Pop! The Punks Leader.

David Lynch's Dune is another cult classic movie ingrained in pop culture, primarily due to the unique imagery in the film and appearances by rock icon Sting and a younger Patrick Stewart. Funko, Inc. will produce Dune Classic figures which will include Pop! Paul Atreides and Pop! Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

Funko, Inc. recently revealed Pop! figures for the 'Black Mirror' (see "Funko Reveals 'Black Mirror' Pop! Figures").

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