Fantasy Flight Games will release Fallout Shelter: The Board Game, a post-nuclear board game, into trade in Q1 of 2020.

Fallout Shelter: The Board Game is a post-nuclear worker-placement board game based on Bethesda Softworks mobile game, Fallout Shelter. The bombs have dropped, but in vaults under a couple thousand feet of earth, lives happy communities of  Dwellers run by an Overseer. In this game, players take on the role of a vault officer, whose job is to promote happiness among the citizens on their vault floor, after the death of their vault's Overseer. The goal of the game is to spread enough happiness to win the next upcoming election and become the next Overseer.

Players start the game with two Pip-Boy bobblehead miniatures that represent Dwellers directly under their control, and will, as the game progresses, gain more Dwellers. They can deploy their Dwellers to various areas of the vault to do work in the gardens, power plants, and water treatment facilities to harvest essential resources, and make sure the Vault thrives and adds on more rooms. However, occasional threats such as Feral Ghouls show up in rooms, and Dwellers will need to be deployed to wipe them out.

As a vault officer builds more rooms, they gain points. If a vault officer builds a sixth room on their floor, the game ends at the end of the round. The vault officer who has spread the most happiness on their floor wins the game.

This game is for two to four players and will retail for $39.95.

Fantasy Flight Games recently announced Arkham Horror: Final Hour for release in Q4 (see "Fantasy Flight Unleashes 'Arkham Horror: Final Hour'").

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