Catalyst Game Labs will release Cutting Black, a sourcebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World Edition RPG, for trade in February.  Shadowrun: Cutting Black was initially announced back in May of 2019 with a projected Fall 2019 release (see "Catalyst Unveils First Supplements for 'Shadowrun Sixth World'").

Cutting Black is a new campaign sourcebook that helps players immerse themselves in Shadowrun, Sixth World Edition RPG.  It offers hooks for storylines involving the dark dealings and intrigue in the Shadowrun world, and is aimed at inspiring both long and short term campaigns.  This sourcebook reveals breaking news and world events that are new to the Sixth World Edition, and details the timeline in the UCAS from July 2080 to March 2081.

Cutting Black is an excellent tool for players and gamemasters alike, and will retail for $44.99.