Famed Marvel inker Joe Sinnott passed away Thursday at the age of 93, according to a post to his Facebook from his family. Sinnott was primarily identified with Marvel through most of his 69-year professional career, with his inks on the stories of Jack ("The King") Kirby considered his peak work.

After a stint in the Navy during World War II, Sinnott attended art school on the G.I. Bill and began working professionally in 1950.  Through the 1950s he worked for a variety of comic companies, including Charlton and Atlas.  He first inked Kirby’s work in 1960 and in 1961 inked his first Kirby superhero story, Fantastic Four #5.  He rejoined Kirby with Fantastic Four #44 and stayed on the book with Kirby through #102, Kirby’s last, in 1970.  He continued to ink a variety of pencillers’ work on FF through 1981.  He also inked Kirby on Captain America.

Sinnott continued to work for Marvel, inking almost every major title and working with a host of Marvel’s finest artists before his retirement from comics in 1992.  He continued to ink the Sunday Amazing Spider-Man strip until 2019.