Wizards of the Coast officially declared an end to the Transformers Trading Card Game.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was apparently just too much for cardboard Autobots and Decepticons to handle as WotC decided to end their two year run of the Transformers TCG with its last release, Titan Masters Attack (see "'Titan Masters Attack' Brings Custom-built 'Transformers' "). They cited both the additional challenges caused by the pandemic and a lackluster engagement of the broader Transformers fan base as the primary reasons to bail on the card game.

The Transformers TCG was truly a labor of love for the Wizards team, and we saw that enthusiasm and love echoed by players across the world,” said Drew Nolosco, Wizards of the Coast Global Brand Manager. “We are grateful to our fans, content creators, retailers, and distributors for the enthusiasm they brought to the game. The greater Transformers TCG fan community is perhaps the best TCG community I’ve had the privilege of working with.”

With WotC's organized play already temporarily disbanded till September (see "Wizards of the Coast Temporarily Suspends 'Magic: The Gathering' In-Store Play in U.S. and Latin America"), the timing of their exit from Transformers TCG will likely have less backlash from the player community, if any. This move by WotC was not surprising, and was, in fact, forecast by an ICv2 columnist back in January (see "Rolling For Initiative -- Three Predictions for 2020").