The long-awaited Batman/Catwoman series written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann (and colors by Tomeu Morey and letters by Clayton Cowles) will launch under DC’s 17+ Black Label imprint on December 1.  The twelve-issue monthly series will take a break in June 2021 for a Batman/Catwoman special and wrap up at the end of 2021.

First issue cover will be by Mann and Morey, with variants by Travis Charest and another by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair.

The series was originally expected to begin this year, but COVID (see "Tom King Off ‘Batman,’ to ‘Batman/Catwoman’").

The story will take place across three timelines:  the past, when the two characters fell in love; the distant future, after Bruce Wayne’s death, when Selina Kyle seeks revenge for an old score; and the present, when one of Batman’s past flings, Andrea Beaumont/Phantasm shows up.  Joker figures in all three timelines.

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