It's the end of summer in the real world, and the time has come for the Lumberjanes to go home.  Or maybe not.

BOOM! Studios says that the series will wrap up in December in a single oversized issue, Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1.  The creative team on the special oversized issue will include Kat Leyh (Snapdragon), co-writer and co-creator Shannon Watters, artists Kanesha C. Bryant (Encyclopedia Lumberjanica) and Alexa Bosy (Lumberjanes: Somewhere That’s Green #1), and Brooklyn Allen, who was the original artist for the series when it launched in 2014.  The special issue will have a standard cover by Leyh and variant covers by Harriet Moulton and Tillie Walden.

Lumberjanes launched in April 2014 and was initially planned as an eight-issue miniseries, but it was quickly switched to an ongoing series (see "‘Lumberjanes’ Ongoing Series").  Over the years, the series has won two Eisner Awards and has spun off both prose novels and original graphic novels.

However, while the monthly comic series may be ending, there are at least two more Lumberjanes books on the way:

Lumberjanes: True Colors is the third Lumberjanes original graphic novel by Lilah Sturges and polterink, and it completes the trilogy that began with Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass and Lumberjanes: The Shape of Friendship. All three have a delicate, watercolor style done in gray and a single color.  Lumberjanes: True Colors will be released on October 14, 2020, with an MSRP of $14.99.

The Encyclopedia Lumberjanica: An Illustrated Guide to the Hardcore Lady-Types of Lumberjanes is just want the subtitle says, a collection of facts about the women who are the role models for the Lumberjanes, as well as the subjects of their quirky exclamations ("Holy Amelia Earhart!").  The book is written by Susan Coiner-Collier and illustrated by Kaiti Infante, Julia Madrigal, and previous Lumberjanes artists Alexia Khodanian and Kanesha C. Bryant.  The softcover book will be available in comics shops on October 28, 2020, with an MSRP of $9.99.

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