Q-Workshop announced that its Advent Dice Calendar, an advent calendar featuring random metal dice, will be headed to retail stores on October 27.

Ever want to eliminate the temptation of bingeing on the tasty treats in an advent calendar? Well, look no further because Q-Workshop has replaced those fattening candies with metal dice! Each slot of this advent calendar contains a random metal die with a total of 24 high-quality dice in the whole unit. Every Advent Dice Calendar is slightly different as far as the dice received, but each calendar will contain at least a full 7-dice polyhedral Christmas dice set per unit.

The Advent Dice Calendar will retail for $40.00.  

Q Workshop recently released dice tied to specific Adventure Paths for Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder 2E and Starfinder RPGs (see "Preview: 'Pathfinder 2E' and 'Starfinder' Adventure Path Dice Sets").