Dark Horse Comics announced Crimson Flower #1, written by New York Times-bestselling creator Matt Kindt, which will release into retail stores on January 20.

Crimson Flower #1 features a story about a woman who reads Slavic folk tales to cope with the death of her family. She is inspired to embark upon a blood-soaked journey of vengeance to track down the man who killed her family, and discovers a government plot to weaponize folk tales to create super assassin children. The art for this book will be done by Matt Lesiniewski with coloring by Bill Crabtree. Creator Matt Kindt had the following to say about his collaboration with illustrator Matt Lesiniewski on the new book:

“‘Cold blooded Russian assassins?’ We've seen that before. But assassins trained using Slavic folktales as a brainwashing device? That's something new that really needed a unique visual style," commented Kindt. "When I saw Matt Lesniewski's book The Freak (nominated for an Eisner) I knew he was going to do something like we've never seen before. Our collaboration was alchemy - turning this book into a brutal, heartbreaking, psychedelic journey of a woman intent on revenge-killing every assassin that ruined her life.”

This series will have different variant covers per each issue done by artists like Malachi Ward, Patric Reynolds with Lee Loughridge, Marguerite Sauvage, and Tyler Bence with Bill Crabtree.

Dark Horse Comics also announced Avatar: The Next Shadow for January (see " Dark Horse Miniseries to Bridge the Gap Between 'Avatar 1' and 'Avatar 2'").

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