Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Paizo, Inc. announced Pathfinder for Savage Worlds for release in Q4 2021 after a successful Kickstarter.

Two legacy roleplaying game products are coming together for a boxed set release. The Pathfinder for Savage Worlds core rulebook will be an adaptation of the Savage Worlds game mechanics for players to use in Pathfinder’s world of Golarion.

“I’ve loved Pathfinder’s Adventure Paths forever, so we’re beyond thrilled our friends at Paizo are letting us share their amazing tales with our Savage Worlds audience,” said Shane Hensley.

The Pathfinder for Savage Worlds boxed set will come with the core rulebook, Bennies, Action Deck, templates, a Game Master Screen with adventure, and Powers Cards. A separate Savage Worlds core rulebook purchase is not necessary to use this product in the Pathfinder RPG system. The Kickstarter for this boxed set will launch in January 2021.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group released Rifts For Savage Worlds Adventure Boxed Set, a roleplaying game boxed set, in August (see "Pinnacle Entertainment Group Will Release 'Rifts for Savage Worlds Adventure Boxed Set' Into Trade").