Goodman Games announced DCC: The Empire of the East, a fantasy RPG sourcebook, for release in January.

DCC: The Empire of the East is an officially licensed sourcebook from the estate of Fred Saberhagen, who was a science fiction writer that penned the four Empire of the East post-apocalyptic fantasy novels. This hardcover book includes all of the rules necessary to run a campaign in the Changeling Earth setting as well as spells and summoning magic that can be added to any DCC campaign. It also includes player character options for the setting, and details on demons, elementals, and monsters for encounters.

Additionally, this book has statistics for major characters in the novel series that can be used as NPCs in a campaign. DCC: The Empire of the East also features two low-level adventures to start a campaign, and it will retail for $29.99.

Goodman Games also released Original Adventures Reincarnated #5: Castle Amber, a 1981 Dungeons & Dragons module rebooted for 5E rules, in October (see "Goodman Games Announces 'Original Adventures Reincarnated #5: Castle Amber'").