Bruce Brown, Joshua Isringhausen, and Mary "Fox" Marsden have founded a new non-profit organization, Tabletop Alliance, that focuses on using games in education.

This new non-profit organization is focused on enhancing educational and community programs through tabletop gaming. Its goal is to empower the leaders of these communities with the capability of using games to facilitate learning, skill development, creativity,  community building, and to make an overall positive impacts of others. Co-founder and President Bruce Brown had the following to say about their new organization:

"Tabletop Alliance combines our educational lenses and gaming experiences towards positive outcomes for others," said Brown of the new non-profit.

The primary feature of the Tabletop Alliance web site is a list of scholarly articles that offer methodology and best practices for incorporating games into educational programs. The compiled list features everything from using chess for therapy to the psychological effects of framing learning as a game.