Behemoth Comics just announced the launch of their Happy Tank imprint, an imprint that caters to Young Adult and Mature audiences, which will release a new series every month starting in May.  

Behemoth's new imprint will bring comics with a similar genre to that of adult cartoons seen on late night networks to the retail marketplace. They have tapped Kevin Roditeli to be Happy Tank's publisher and Rob Cannon for the position of Editor-in-chief. These two will lead Happy Tank into their new release schedule that features one new series coming out per month. The first three series include Freak Show #1 in May, MFKZ #1 in June, and Cinnamon #1 in July.    

Freak Snow #1 features a fight between gunslingers in a frozen apocalyptic setting. It is co-written by Kevin Roditeli and Rob Cannon with art by Rob Cannon and a cover by Victor Santos. This book will be 32-pages and retail for $3.99.

MFKZ #1 is based on the hit anime movie by Guillaume Renard and Shojiro Nishimi (see "DVD Round-Up"). It follows Angelino and Vinz through a dystopian metropolis called DMC as they explore the secrets of the residents. RUN provides both the story and the art for this book, and it will be 54-pages with a retail price of $5.99.

Cinnamon #1 is about an ordinary housecat with a vivid imagination. In her Big Kitchen City, she battles biker gangs and giant robots all for the reward of catnip. This book is created by Victoria Douglas, and it will have 28-pages with a MSRP of $3.99.

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