Rio Grande Games is releasing the Power Grid Expansion:  Brazil/Spain & Portugal, featuring a collector's box designed to hold multiple expansion maps.

The new expansion comes with two maps offering different challenges.  The Brazil map features a scarcity of resources for a greater playing challenge as well as biogas-fired power plants in lieu of garbage-burning plants.  The Spain & Portugal map, on the other hand, offers the twin opportunities of increased uranium and broader use of wind-power.

The expansion includes a single double-sided map board with Brazil on one side and Spain and Portugal on the other.  It is packaged in a collector’s box with the same dimensions as the base game to hold this and other map expansions.  It supports games with 2 to 6 players, with games lasting a little less than two hours.  MSRP is $24.95.

As an expansion, a copy of the base Power Grid game or Power Grid:  Recharged is needed to play.  Power Grid:  Recharged, and updated version of the game celebrating its 15th Anniversary was released in 2019 (see “Rio Grande Lights Up ‘Power Grid’ Again”).