Oni Press will release two special issues tied to TV properties this summer: Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror and Rick and Morty Presents: Hotel Immortal.

The final issue of Invader ZIM single issue comics, co-written by creator Jhonen Vasquez, will be released on August 4, publisher Oni-Lion Forge announced.  Titled Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror, the oversized 32-page issue will be co-written by Vasquez and Eric Trueheart, with art by Aaron Alexovich, colors by Fred C. Stresing, and letters by Warren Wucinich.

The storyline sounds promising: interdimensional creatures called Chrono-Dumpers eat time and use our dimension as a toilet, creating an infinite time loop.  Dib and ZIM live in the poop loop forever; each day they wake, the tuxedoed pig farts, the world ends.

Vasquez explained his approach to the story.  "When I heard that we were reaching the final issue of the Invader ZIM comics, I immediately started thinking of ways to end it as stupidly as possible, which is a pretty big challenge considering the levels of stupid the comic had already gone to," he said.  "My only hope is that when people read it, their brains won’t work anymore.  That’s how I’ll know we did our jobs right."

Variant covers for the issue will be created by Vasquez, Cole Ott, J.R. Goldbert, and Aaron Alexovich.

Oni is tying the release of Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror to the 20th anniversary of the property.  The show actually premiered on March 30, 2001 (see "Johnny the Homicidal Space Invader?").

Oni-Lion Forge will release a new chapter in its Rick and Morty Presents series: Rick and Morty Presents: Hotel Immortal, this summer.  The new issue, by writer Alejandro Arbona, artist Marc Ellerby, colorist Lenardo Ito, and letterer Crank!, is a whodunit that kicks off when Cornvelious Daniels checks into the hotel and bodies start dropping.  The issue will release July 14.