Kobold Press announced Kobold Guide to Monsters, a new sourcebook for use with fantasy TTRPGs, which will release on May 26.

The award-winning Kobold Guide series returns to print (see "Rolling for Initiative--ACD Games Day, One Step Removed") with a new book revolving around monsters. This book contains rules, philosophy, and perspectives as to how to create monsters for a TTRPG setting. It includes how to design monsters based on mythology, literature, or pop culture; how to balance a monster’s flavor with functionality; how to re-skin monsters for any genre of campaign; how to make friends with snarling beasts; how to tell a story with an encounter; how to best pace an encounter, and more.

Kobold Guide to Monsters features essays from top authors like Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Steve Winter, Celeste Conowitch, Crystal Frasier, and others. It will retail for $19.99.