Mantic Games launched the preorder of four Extra Large Ships, for use with Kings of War: Armada, which will release in May.

Bigger is often better when it comes to firepower in miniatures games. These XL-size ships can serve as flagships of for the four different fleets they each represent. The Basilean Dictator, Dwarf Dreadnought, Orc Ripper Hulk, and the Empire of Dust Monolith each come with a resin ship, optional parts, a base, and ship cards. These models come unassembled, unpainted, and require super glue to construct.

Each of these Extra Large Ship sets will retail for $29.99.

Mantic Games also revealed Empire of Dust Starter Fleet and Empire of Dust Booster Fleet miniatures sets, for use with Kings of War: Armada (see "Command the War-Barges of the Ahmunite Empire in the Newest 'Armada' Expansion").

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