Games Workshop announced Necromunda: Hive War, a two-player boxed set for Necromunda miniatures game, which will be on preorder soon.

The new Necromunda: Hive War boxed set comes with everything players need to pick-up-and-play a game. It comes with a rulebook that has the basic rules for the game, the six Clan Houses, and their weapons. The rulebook also features six starting scenarios to help players learn the game.

Along with the rules, the box comes with two full gangs to play. The two gangs represented are the Escher the Delaque, and their models can be assembled as Leaders, Champions, or Gangers. This set will also come with terrain, tokens, templates, and dice. MSRP for this product has not been released as of the publication of this article.

Games Workshop released House of Artifice and Van Saar Archeoteks and Grav-cutters, a rulebook and miniatures set for Necromunda, in December (see "Games Workshop Unveils New 'Necromunda' Rulebook and Miniatures Set For House of Van Saar").

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