Wizards of the Coast announced a price increase for Magic: The Gathering Prerelease Packs, starting with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, as well as other changes to their prerelease products. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will be released in September (see "Wizards of the Coast Updates 'Magic: The Gathering' Set Names for Q3 and Q4 Releases").

Magic is headed back to the horror-themed plane of Innistrad, and apparently, it will be a more expensive trip this time around. WotC announced that they will be increasing their prices on Prerelease Packs, but thus far, the percentage increase has not been revealed. The price increase also comes with a reduction in the case count of Prerelease Packs from 20 to 15, and the addition of Set Boosters as prerelease prize support instead of Draft Boosters. WotC has also increased the number of Buy-a-Box promos a WPN store is given by 25%.    

The core rationale for the price increase is the value proposition presented by changing prerelease prize support from Draft Boosters to Set Boosters. According to WotC, player survey data that suggests 64% of surveyed customers would rather receive two Kaldheim Set Boosters than three Kaldheim Draft Boosters. The move to using Set Boosters as prize support is generally step in the right direction because Set Boosters are optimized for an "opening experience", and they typically feature a wider range of desirable cards to pull from packs than Draft Boosters. This change should add value to prize pools, and may make prerelease events more attractive to players, despite the pending price increase.