Bandai unveiled Unison Warrior Series 7[B16], a new booster set for Dragon Ball Super Card Game, which will hit stores in February 2022.

The Unison Warrior Series 7[B16] focus on a theme of Super Saiyan Gods, Angels, and Destroyers from both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. It debuts a long-awaited, yet thus far unrevealed, character from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game, and the set includes a alt-art Campaign Rare. The rarity breakdown is as follows: 60 Commons, 38 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 18 Super Rares, 14 Special Rares, 3 Secret Rares, and a Campaign Rare. The set totals 163 cards with 292 types of cards total.

Booster packs will retail for $3.99 and come with 12 cards each. Displays come with 24 packs and a random SR/SPR Box Topper.

Bandai also recently released Unison Warrior Series Set 05 [DBS-B14] and Set 06 (see "'Dragon Ball Super CG' Booster Sets").