Fantasy Flight Games will release four new Star Wars Legion droid-themed Expansions into retail this fall.

The Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion is a compact scout craft used to patrol Kashyyyk that is quick and deadly.  This expansion comes with an unpainted hard plastic miniature and a unit card that features the new Overrun keyword.  It also comes with five upgrade cards, and will retail for $39.95.

The IG-100 Magmaguards Unit Expansion features the fearless bodyguards of the Separatists such as Count Dooku and General Grievous.  These miniatures come armed with an electrostaff and a precision blaster pistol.  The expansion comes with six miniatures, new unit cards, and upgrade cards. It will retail for $34.95.

The Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion showcases the droid generals that the Separatists use to command their ground forces.  This commander is an upgrade over the T-Series Tactical Droid (see "'Star Wars: Legion' Miniatures Sets"), and comes as a single hard plastic miniature.  The expansion also comes with 3 unit cards, a 3 command cards, 6 upgrade cards, 13 tokens, and a rulesheet.  It will carry an MSRP of $17.95.

The DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid Unit Expansion allows players to add the Commerce Guild's four-legged mechanical arachnid to the battlefield.  This little droid has center-mounted weapons and can be customized with a nose-mounted laser cannon, a flamethrower, or an ion blaster.  This expansion comes with one miniature, eight upgrade cards and will retail for $29.95.

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