Wizards of the Coast revealed that they will be supporting Store Championships for FLGS. The first Store Championships will be held on December 4-5, 2021.

These events are intended to be run twice a year in FLGS through EventLink. These events can be either a Booster Draft, Sealed, Standard, Modern, or Pioneer tournament, and are suggested to be run at competitive REL as a Swiss event with a cut to the Top Eight. Players will receive a common or uncommon promo for entering, players that make the Top Eight will win a rare promo, and the winner takes home a special First Place promo.

For the December 4 events, participating WPN stores will receive the following promos: 40 Arbor Elf promos, 8 Collected Company Top Eight promos, and a Wurmcoil Engine First Place promo. WPN Premium stores will receive 120 Arbor Elf promos (instead of 40) and their store's name will be inscribed on the Top Eight and First Place promos.     

In addition to the Store Championships, WotC will be rolling out Commander Parties, which is a new immersive event for WPN Premium communities. These events are storyline based, and the parties run between October 30-31 give attendees an opportunity to run through a scenario related to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (see "'Magic's' 'Midnight Hunt'") and receive a Conjurer's Closet promo. The parties are meant as a good way to introduce new players to Commander, and aid stores in selling the newest Commander Decks.    

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