Sequoia Games announced Flex NBA Trading Tile Board Game Starter Set and Series 1 booster set, which will hit stores in October.  

Flex NBA TTG is a unique product that fuses a collectible tile board game with augmented reality components to bring NBA players to the tabletop. This game features 207 hand-drawn player tiles, called "Flexigons", that players can build a roster from in a companion app. Players scan the codes on the back of each Flexigon to link them to the app, and then they can place the Flexigon under a tablet or smart phone camera to trigger augmented reality effects such as videos, animations, and in-game tips.

Placing two Flexigons together under a smart phone camera may create certain special in-game combinations between two players and there are also Flexigon upgrades. This game is app-driven and has two modes, easy and advanced.  

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