Steamforged Games unleashed Epic Encounters: Tower of the Lich Empress, a new miniatures boxed set, which is currently on preorder.

This boss box includes a highly-detailed Lich Empress miniature sitting on an 100mm base that can be added to 5E RPG games. The boxed set also features an adventure book with information to inspire new encounters as well as a double-sided game mat to play on. Players can use this set as a one-off encounter or combine it with a large campaign.

The game box comes with a huge, highly detailed miniature (unpainted), 4 detachable skull spell effects, a double-sided game mat, an adventure book, monster stats, and tips and tricks for building tension and excitement. This set will retail for $42.95.

Steamforged Games will also release Web of the Spider Tyrant, a new Epic Encounters set, into retail stores (see "'Web of the Spider Tyrant'").

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