The Games Manufacturers Association (GAMA) revealed the results for their special election to fill the first six director positions on the newly-structured board. These six board seats were created through the adoption of the new bylaws which created six voting groups (see "GAMA Publishers Give Up Control of Organization")

The first five board directors have been added to the board, and a sixth will join them after a run-off for the Wholesale seat. The election results went as follows:


  • Grace Collins (54% of the vote) defeated James Lowder (46% of the vote).

Media & Events

  • Monica Rasso (88% of the vote) defeated Doug Houseman (13% of the vote).


  • Eric Price won uncontested.


  • Stephan Brissaud (59% of the vote) defeated T. Caires (41% of the vote).


  • Kylie Prymus (63% of the vote) defeated David Wheeler (37% of the vote).


  • Shaw Mead (36% of the vote) will have a run-off with Beau Heath (36% of the vote). Voting will occur September 16-21.

Stephan Brissaud and Kylie Primus are the only two member, thus far, from the old board to make it onto the new board (see “GAMA's Special Election“). This round of elected directors will take office during the September 26 board meeting, and next round of six directors will be elected in March before GAMA Expo.