WizKids announced the D&D Icons of the Realms: Gargantuan Tarrasque figure for release in September 2022.

The Tarrasque is one of the most terrifying legendary monsters on the Material Plane. It is a gargantuan monstrosity with 33d20 + 330 HP, and legendary resistance allowing it brush off saving throws. The monster also has a tough outer carapace that allows it to reflect magic missiles. This figure stands 11-inches tall and will be about 15.5-inches wide, making it about the size of Shih Tzu or a Maltese dog.

This gigantic figure will retail for $399.99.

Gargantuan Tarrasque is the follow up release to WizKids' 2021 Gargantuan Tiamat figure (see "Gargantuan Tiamat'").  

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