Capstone Games unveiled Ark Nova, a zoo management board game, for release in February 2022.

In Ark Nova, players try to plan and design a scientifically-managed zoo in an attempt to become the most successful establishment. They will have to build enclosures, accommodate animals, and support conservation projects in order to achieve this goal. This game features 255 cards with animals, specialists, unique enclosures, and conservation projects that all have different abilities. To win, players must use these cards to increase the appeal and reputation of their zoo as well as collect conservation points.

This game is for one to four players and plays in 90 to 150 minutes. It will retail for $74.95 when it comes out.

Capstone Games also has announced Corrosion, a game about building machines with limited lifespans, produced in partnership with Deep Print Games (see "'Corrosion'").

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