Bezier Games will release Mechs and Monorails, two Maglev Metro expansion maps, into retail in 2022.

The Mechs map expands on the robots that helped players create some of the original Maglev Metro maps in the first game (see "New Games "). It this expansion, players can use oversized mech robots to do the heavy-lifting on their player board. These mechs allow players to unlock new capabilities with each action they have the mechs performing instead of the robots. Mechs map adds station connections with the 4 mech half-hubs, hub, and 14 stations all in play by the game's end.

The Monorails map expansion adds an amusement park element to the game. It makes players balance the transportation of regular attendees with catering to the VIP passengers. This map also comes with new Bonus cards that increases the chance of scoring end-game points.

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