Paizo Inc. will release Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition, for Pathfinder RPG, into retail stores in September 2022.

Paizo is celebrating its 20th anniversary by releasing Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition, a 128-page hardcover that collects three original Pathfinder adventures. The three adventures included in this book are Hollow’s Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, and Hungry are the Dead. These adventures are all expanded and updated for use with Pathfinder 2E, and the book also includes 15 new magic items to discover as well as 8 classic monsters from the original adventures with 2E converted stats.

This book will retail for $39.99.

Paizo, Inc. also unveiled Pathfinder Dark Archive, a new rulebook for Pathfinder RPG 2E (see "'Pathfinder Dark Archive'").