Renegade Game Studios announced Time Force Ranger Pack and Merciless Minions Pack #1, for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, which will release in April 2022.

The Time Force Ranger Pack brings 5 new Ranger Combat Decks to the tabletop. It features Rangers Wes Collins, Lucas Kendall, Katie Walker, Trip, and Eric Meyers, all who have new Time Force abilities. The set also comes with a Zord Pack #2, which adds new Shogunzord cards. The game box includes 5 Time Force Ranger figures, 5 Ranger Combat decks (10 Cards Each), 5 Ranger Character cards, 6 Zord cards, a Megazord card, and a Megazord token. It will retail for $45.00.

Merciless Minions Pack #1 adds two dozen Foot Soldier figures to the mix to accompany boss villains into battle. It also has new ways to use Lord Zedd's Chaos Putties as well as Location boards. This game box comes with 24 Foot Soldier Figures (12 Cogs & 12 Cyclobots), 30 Enemy cards, 20 Deployment cards, 4 Location boards, and a Foot Soldier Promo Pack #1 contianing 10 Foot Soldier cards and a rules card. This box will retail for $55.00.

Both of these expansions require the base game to play.

Renegade Games Studios also recently released Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid - Santa vs Heximas Holiday Pack into retail (see "Heximas for the Holidays").  

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