Warlord Games announced Slaine Miniatures Game, which is based on the characters from the 2000 AD comic book franchise, which will go on preorder February 11, 2022.

Slaine Mac Roth returns to the tabletop, after being essentially absent from the scene since the Slaine: The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes which was produced by Mongoose Publishing in 2002 (see "d20 RPG Due in April").  The new miniatures game kicks off with the Slaine: Kiss My Axe! Starter Set.  This set includes everything players need to run a game, including scenery, tokens, scenarios, advanced rules, profile list for warbands, and of course, eight resin miniatures featuring Slain Mac Roth, himself.

Alongside the starterset, they will also release warband and hero boxed sets.  The Earth Tribe Warband and Earth Tribe Heroes boxes will features characters like Queen Niamh, Morgan Axehead, and others.  To oppose the Earth Tribe, they will release the Drune Warband and Drune Heroes.  These boxed sets contains characters from the mystical sect of druids that serve Crom Cruach, including The Lord Weird Slough Feg and Megrim.

There will also be a Fomorian Sea Demons Warband box and Balor the Evil Eye miniature kit.  These ancient sea demons have made a pact with the Drune to drive the Earth Tribes out and are led by Balor, who rides into battle on a war-elk.

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