Asmodee will release Bad People and Bad Choices, two new party games by Dyce, into retail on April 22, 2022.

In Bad People, players vote for or against their friends on their answers to outrageous questions. The goal of the game is to reveal what people really think of one another and share crazy and ridiculous stories at the end of each round. The game box comes with 200 Question cards, 100 Voting cards, 10 Player Identity cards, 10 Double Down cards, a scoring pad, and an instruction booklet. It is for three to 10 players, age 17 and up, and plays in 20-60 minutes.

Bad Choices plays like a of the party game "Never Have I Ever" and UNO. The goal of this game is for players ro uncover hilarious truths, secrets and stories about their friends. The game box comes with 300 cards, an instruction booklet, and 3 game variants. It is for three or more players, age 17 and up, and plays in 20-45 minutes.

Each of these games retail for $24.95.

Asmodee USA will release Rest in Peace, a new card game, into U.S. retail (see "'Rest in Peace' into U.S. Retail").