WizKids unveiled D&D Icons of the Realms: Pride of Faerie Dragons, a new miniatures set, for release into retail in June 2022.

These new faerie dragon miniatures are playful creatures that come in all the different colors of the rainbow. In D&D, they generally have a sense of humor, make good company as familiars, and enjoy the glitter of treasure. Adventurers can bribe these creatures with sweets, baked goods, and baubles for information or safe passage through their territory. The miniatures come pre-painted as a set of seven figures.

This set will retail for $39.99.

WizKids will also release Dungeons & Dragons 1E: Monster Mini Series, a new 3-inch vinyl figure series from Kidrobot, into retail  (see "'Dungeons & Dragons 1E: Monster Mini Series'").

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