Renegade Game Studios announced Hunter: The Reckoning Core Rulebook, a new RPG core book for the World of Darkness, which will release in Q2 2022.

Hunter: The Reckoning Core Rulebook allows players to become hunters and other humans looking to smite the vampire scourge. It explores the role mortals in the World of Darkness and the supernatural threats they encounter. The book has everything players need to create a character and play a few sessions or create a campaign. Hunter: The Reckoning Core Rulebook will retail for $55.00.

Alongside the new core rulebook, Renegade will also release a Hunter: The Reckoning  Dice Set and Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal. The dice set come with 10 custom orange d10's and 5 custom black Desperation dice, and will retail for $20.00. Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal is a hardcover, foil-stamped book with character-building prompts, history pages, and an expanded character sheet. It will retail for $21.99.

Renegade Game Studios also recently announced Shadows & Shrouds, a new expansion for the Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals Expandable Card Game (see "'Shadows & Shrouds'").

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