Beyond stocking of miniatures and gathering a wargaming player base, one of the most important features of an FLGS' miniatures open gaming area are the terrain setups. Investing time in a terrain setup for players to battle on can help both attract customers and serve as a decor element for the store. Terrain setups can be as simple as playmat with 2D papercraft elements on it or as elaborate as a tabletop including meticulously-painted and assembled buildings, mock ruins, or even entire cinema-inspired battlefields.

Adepticon 2022 featured some of the best and biggest miniatures companies' setups for tournament-style play. Some of the companies hosting organized play at this show included Games Workshop, Atomic Mass Games, Mantic Games, Corvus Belli, and more. Retailers may be able to glean some insights from taking a look at these setups for their own tabletop displays, thereby helping flesh out their FLGS miniatures gaming area.

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