Arcane Tinmen will release Batman Core Dragon Shield TCG accessories into retail on May 20, 2022.

This new accessories line features Batman artwork by Jim Lee. The line of accessories has Batman Core Dragon Shield Dual Matte Sleeves, which come in 100-count boxes. These sleeves are made using a high-quality art print and the sleeves won't split or peel. It will retail for $19.49.

The line also showcases a Batman Core Dragon Shield 18-Pocket Sideload Album. The soft-padded cover has the same striking Jim Lee art on it. The inside of the portfolio has 20 pages that can fit up to 360 single-loaded cards total. This portfolio will retail for $36.99.

Arcane Tinmen also announced Dragon Shield Double Shell, a new line of deck boxes (see "'Dragon Shield Double Shell'").   

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