WizKids will release D&D Book Tabs, a new gaming accessory, into retail in August 2022.

For GMs and players who want to stay organized and never lose their place in a book, WizKids has come up with three packs of acrylic tabs for the three most-used books in D&D. The D&D Book Tabs: Player's Handbook pack comes with 168 tabs that mark the chapters in the book, plus several small tabs that cover specific subchapters and sections of interest. D&D Book Tabs: Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide packs each contain 92 tabs for marking various chapters, subchapters, and sections of interest.

Each of the D&D Book Tabs packs will retail for $8.99.

WizKids also unveiled D&D Icons of the Realms: Showdown Setting - The Temple of Light, a new miniatures boxed set, for release into retail (see "The Temple of Light").

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