Atomic Mass Games will release Ursa Major & Red Guardian and Crimson Dynamo & Darkstar Character Packs for Marvel Crisis Protocol into retail in Q3 2022.

The Winter Guard from Iron Man and Avengers comics heads onto the battlefields of the Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game. The first of the two Winter Guard packs features Mikhail Ursus or Ursa Major, a man that can transform into a brown bear, and Nikolai Krylenko, a superhuman that can withstand energy attacks, better known as Red Guardian. This Character Pack includes an Ursa Major miniature, a Red Guardian miniature, 2 bases, 2 Character Stat cards, and 3 Team Tactic cards.

The second of the two Winter Guard packs showcases Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar. The fifth Crimson Dynamo, Dimitri Bukharin, is the current leader of the Winter Guard and wears a suit of power armor, much like America's Iron Man. Darkstar is a Black Widow enemy/ally that gains her powers from the Darkforce dimension. This Character Pack comes with a Crimson Dynamo miniature, a Darkstar miniature, 2 bases, 2 Character Stat cards, 3 Team Tactic cards, and an Affiliation card.

Each of these sets will retail for $39.99.

Atomic Mass Games has recently released three new sets for its Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game (see "New 'Crisis Protocol' Sets").

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