Gen Con LLC. released their 2022 Trade Day Event Schedule for Gen Con Indy 2022, which happens on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

This year's Trade Day features multiple events by top tier companies as well as other informational events. These panels are primarily focused on eduction for retailers, educators, librarians, and other games industry professionals. Here are a few of the highlights from the event schedule:

Let's Play: Exploring the Use of Gaming in Management Education (Auburn University; 10 AM EDT). Explores gaming to increase student engagement through interactive discussion. Hands on, active play using different games to highlight how such use can creatively enforce terms & concepts.

Libraries and Tabletop Role Playing Games  (Capital Area District Libraries; 10 AM). Learn how to create a diverse library TRPG collection and start your own TRPG club.

Finance 101 -- Numbers Matter! (Aaron Witten and Keith Blume; 11 AM EDT). Numbers matter, and we can help! Come let the Witten Financial team of experts demystify the world of financial reports to help you run a better business!

Pop-Up Gen Con Retailer Round Table (Gen Con LLC;11 AM EDT). Gen Con wants to hear from you about Pop-Up Gen Con. We're asking for your feedback, impressions, what works, what doesn't. Come share your thoughts on ways to create this program in a new image.

Brotherwise Games - What's New & Coming Your Way (Brotherwise Games; 2 PM EDT). They'll discuss Brotherwise's upcoming games, our Featured Retailer Program, and how we can better support your store.

Play! Pokemon: Meet and Greet (The Pokemon Company International; 2 PM EDT). Sit down with a Pokémon Representative to discuss how your store or school library can get more Pokémon.

Meeting the Needs of Children Through Game Play (Dr. David Niecikowski PhD; 3 PM EDT). Dr. David Niecikowski from Touro University will present best practices and research on meeting the academic and social needs of children through game play in school, library, club, after school, and family gathering settings

Create In-Store Excitement With The New WizKids D&D Onslaught Miniatures Game! (WizKids; 3 PM EDT). Learn about our new tactical skirmish miniatures game Dungeons & Dungeons: Onslaught, post-launch content calendar, plans to support stores with organized play, events, marketing collateral, & more.

AEG Outpost Program (AEG; 4 PM EDT). AEG has opened a new program to streamline and merge previous initiatives. Come chat about this one stop approach to all things AEG and our upcoming 2022/2023 releases.

CGE Trade Day: Galaxy Trucker (CGE; 4 PM). They'll run you though our recent re-release of the hit game Galaxy Trucker, including selling points and a handy demo guide!

ICV2 will also be presenting our State of the Industry report at this event. Please mark the following on your Gen Con calendars:

ICv2 White Paper: Hobby Games - State of the Industry (ICv2; 4 PM EDT). ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp presents a report on the hobby games market in North America, including a review of both annual and 2022 trends.